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What safety practices do you follow?

All of our inflatable rentals have a Watchdog system included. This device alarms at any sign of leak and/or deflation in the inflatable system, alerting bouncers to exit the inflatable until the pressure is restored and is safe for use. The ASTM (American Society of Testing & Materials) requires these sirens for any inflatable over 8 ft tall, due to the tip-over risk associated with the unexpected deflation of an inflatable unit. Again, every one of our inflatable units will come with a Watchdog siren included, regardless of size. Upon delivery and set-up, you will be instructed on the use of the Watchdog siren as well as how to safely deflate and inflate the unit, if necessary. We anchor all of our inflatables with 18” steel stakes to ensure your bounce house is the most secure. Our bounce houses are only plugged into OUTDOOR outlets, preferably a 20 amp GFC outlet. Our concession rentals all have instructions and safety information located on the booking page and will also have a copy of the instructions that is delivered with the rental.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Credit/debit cards, Venmo, Zelle, or exact cash, as we will not have change available upon delivery.

Does the price include delivery and set-up?

Yes, as long as you are located in our free service area. We do not contract staff to deliver our inventory-we do it ourselves to ensure timely and professional service. If you are planning to have the inflatable set up in any location other than a residential yard, please contact us prior to booking-approval and potential extra cost may be required.

When do you do set-up and pick-up?

Our drop off window is typically 7 am to 2 pm. We will coordinate a delivery window based on the start time of your event and accommodating all of our deliveries for that day. Same-day pick-up times will also be coordinated for the evening hours when your event is ending/ends. This will be done with all of our bookings in mind as well as available daylight.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, a $50 deposit is required at the time of booking for bounce houses and concessions deposits are $20. The deposit is refundable if weather for your event becomes unsuitable day-of or the cancellation occurs 7 days prior to your event. Otherwise, this deposit will be held and used towards a future booking.

What is the bad weather/rain policy?

If there is inclement weather predicted the day of your event, you have until 7 a.m. the morning of your event to cancel without penalty. Weather-related cancellations result in the full refund of your $50, however if the decision is made to continue and the unit is delivered, you will be charged the full amount due, regardless of weather conditions. We as a company reserve the right to cancel any rental if we feel the weather/conditions are unsafe.

What is your cleaning process?

Each inflatable is properly cleaned, sanitized, and dried before and after every use. Household cleaning products should not be used if you need to spot-clean the inflatable during your event. We also disinfect and scrub all of our concession machines after every use.

What are your bounce house rules?

There is no food, drinks, shoes, animals, sand, glitter, silly string, confetti, powder, marker/crayon/pen, face paint (even “washable”) etc. allowed on/in the bounce house to prevent any unexpected tears or staining. Any damage beyond normal wear and tear will result in additional free to cover repairs/damage, and if necessary, replacement costs. In the event of rain, it is expected that all bouncers exit the inflatable as the unit will become slippery and there is a risk for electrocution. The unit will also need to be unplugged at this time.

Do you offer 2-day rentals? Is there a discount?

Yes, our current 2-day rental discount offers 30% off your second day! This discount excludes additional delivery fee, if applicable, panels, etc. The final discount will be reflected on your invoice, not at checkout. A deposit is required for each day. As with any rental, this is weather-permitting.

Any other questions?
feel free to contact us!

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